In work life, I'm a researcher and I have won several International Europe Quality Awards in my industry in Paris.


I've earned myself 6 degrees - one PhD, two Doctorates, two Masters & one Bachelor degree, but I realised that these must all be considered loss for the sake of our Almighty God Lord Jesus Christ!


The Apostle Paul said:“I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord” (Philippians 3:8)


I was once a salsa dance teacher and I play the following instruments:


  • Harmonica
  • Ukulele
  • Drums
  • Rhythm guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Tenor saxophone (stopped due to a throat issue)


I graduated from Tung Ling Bible school with a Diploma, and I was the assistant music director of a local church in the early 90s and I’m now a bassist with another local church.


I used to help arrange Gospel music and had invested over SGD70K in gadgets when MIDI music was starting to be popular after it was launched in 1983. Music arrangement software, hardware and all other digital gadgets then were extremely costly. I’m skilful enough to embellish a simple piece of 3 or 4 chords song progression into something more beautiful and pleasant to listen to, by substituting more fancy chords and adding more instruments to play different parts to thicken the, otherwise, thin sound.


I also used to sing, but less often now. The following songs were recorded with a $3 mic without any EQ, 8 years ago. The backings are all original with the lead vocal removed with a software and sung by me.


The Wonder of You


I Believe In The Man In The Sky


My eldest son plays the lead guitar, my second son is a professional drummer cum a drums teacher and my daughter plays the piano. All my children are gifted in music too.


I've developed and expanded my music knowledge and a pair of very sensitive ears by emerging myself in the areas related to music. So, I'm quite a generalist.


Nevertheless, one could always master in an area you are good at or or more gifted in. As for me, I'm better off in music arrangement and in identifying or building chord progression from a song. I could also identify someone singing even a half-tone tune out or playing a chord that sounds unpleasant. I frequently watch programs like America & UK Got Talent and X-Factor and I could tell the very moment a contestant sings the first line if she/he is up to the mark or not.


By the way, if you are a good singer or if you own a production house or if you are a producer anywhere in the world, I'd like to collaborate with you in any of the following areas:


1) You can sing the original songs I wrote or will be writing. I'll create the lyrics and beautiful and captvating chord progression.

2) You can also contribute or write your own song lyrics (with or without melody) and I'll create the melody and chord progression.

3) For production houses or producers, you can be appointed as our exclusive producer if you can afford charging at special rate.

4) Costs and Revenue will be shared.



Dr Pierre CHENXU