This online music lesson website is primarily about Chord Progression and Substitution to teach anyone who wishes to learn how to find chords, build chords, substitute chords, both in theory and practice on how to apply what you've learned to songs chord progression.

I do also teach 1-on-1 Guitar and Ukulele.

How many chords should a song have?

In general, for faster song, you should use only 3 to 5 chords. If there are too many chords it will sound frantic and not many listeners would be keen to learn and play your song.


Truthfully, there are only 5 chords for you to learn as a beginner.


They are the 5 Major chords - E, G, C, A, and D. Major chord describes the quality of the chord and are happier and more joyful. On the contrary minor chords sound less joyful or even more sad. E minor (Em) is the first and easiest chord to learn if you are a beginner.


It's easy and quite frequently used in several keys.






Example of a 12-bar blues fast song:


Four Chords and the Truth

Once you are well-trained you may even pick out what the 4 chords when you listen to a song. For budding songwriters, if you pick your four chords at random it will very likely result in something that sounds bad. What are the secrets behind those 4 magical chords? The answer lies in these lessons where I will teach you to understand where chords come from.

Where Do Chords Come From?

Most Western music is based on the notes of the scale in the key. If a song is in C major, you can be confident that any of the C major scale notes will sound natural and pleasant and are unlikely to clash. Chords are the same. Any chord that contains more notes from the song’s key will sound good and it fits in with the song. You do not have to find them by trial and error. I will teach you how to build all the chords of a key. Knowing your chord progression well, lead melodies and basslines become much easier.


Examples of beautiful 4-chord progressions:






You may think that you are not musically inclined or you are too old to learn. Although some folks may possess more musical talent than you but I believe that you can excel in music too. You only have to put in a little more effort. As an experienced musician myself, I understand that musicianship is the result of methodical training both in Theory and Practice with a few simple but popular songs (as music is both Science and Art), Close guidance, Motivation and Inspiration. So, Sign Up today for my Lessons or Trial Lesson!

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